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We are problem-solving service which will bring your ideas to life.

The design of electronic products is a gradual process. Based on your ideas we will develop modern and quality products, which will be able to compete with modern trends on the global market.

Well-designed products may require a dozen of prototypes that help us detect and solve any problems and unexpected design defects that can be hidden in the schematics and designs. In the prototype production, we can offer all the necessary services at one place. We produce prototypes of electronic circuits, housings printed with 3D printers or made with CNC processing.

The connection between R&D and production is our key advantage. Because of the excellent knowledge and understanding of production technology, we can make superior optimization of electronic products.

The next important part of the whole process is product testing. Our company provides modern equipment, which is necessary for testing manufactured products, which ensures their quality and robustness.

Fundamental research and feasibility study

Basic electrical measurements and studies
EMC measurements and assistance
Thermal imaging and simulation
Stress testing and simulation

Product specifications (ISO9001:2008)
Hardware development

Development of electronic devices
Schematic and PCB design
3D PCB design

Electronic devices prototyping
Penalisation and production optimisation
Service and repairs of electronic devices

Embedded software development
Low energy consumption designs
Sensor system design
Communication protocols implementation

Mechanical design
Electronics enclosure, heat sink design, and optic elements design
In-house rapid prototyping (3D Printing and other technologies)
Assistance in the mechanical part of design and production
ECAD/MCAD design and verification
Redesign of the existing products


Product preparation for mass production

Test equipment development
Simple test devices development
Automated testing devices (LabView)
Continuous test analysis traceability and support

Reengineering of existing product


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