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Custome care






C  U S T O M E R  C A R E     

L  E A R N I N G     

I   N N O V A T I O N     

M A N A G I N G     

B  E L I E V E

FTA is an elite manufacturer of electronic components, a sentiment which is echoed by our costumers. We were founded in 2003 and since then we have experienced a constant growth that leads us to become a strong player on the EMS market. We are a young team that successfully meets the needs of our clients not just as a contractor but also as a partner.

We successfully realize the CLIMB business vision. Customer care starts with the first contact and is present at all times. All of our employees are continually learning and are given up to date information. Innovation is an integral part of our success and is a core principle of customer care. Process management is handed to our best employees and is reflected in increasing orders and the fact that we have become an important player on the EMS market. We believe in all of the mentioned advantages which we employ every day and with which we have attained a reputation of a socially aware company with a bright future.


FTA, a good name in electronics.


Founder and owner Frenk Trobec

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